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SYC – Social Yacht Club?

After a lengthy period in the doldrums, there have been recent signs of activity at Starboards Yacht Club (SYC).

However, things are not quite what we would expect.

SYC – a yacht club – seems to have become a social club. There have been regular event announcements in the club’s in-world group (and repeated in the SLSA group), but these have concentrated on various events like musical concerts. Last week, this culminated in the opening of a jazz club in the Hollywood sim where SYC resides.

A few weeks before these social events started, it looked like racing was returning to SYC, but this seems to have fallen by the wayside. Now, it looks like the club should be called SJC, for Starboards Jazz Club.

There is certainly nothing wrong with music and socializing, but what we want to know is, will messing about in boats ever return to the oldest sailing club in Second Life?