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FIYC Pulls Out Of World Cup

In yet another blow to the troubled SL Sailing World Cup run by Bea Woodget, the team fielded by Fishers Island Yacht Club has withdrawn from the contest. No further details are available at present, other than the fact that it seems the team’s entry has disappeared from the spreadsheet that is used to list the teams and team members.

We will update you when (or if) more information is available.

World Cup Events Cancelled

It has come to our attention that, during the month of May, several scheduled World Cup events did not materialize.

Tradewinds Yacht Club was expected to host an ACA event in mid-May, Nantucket Yacht Club was down for a Leetle Cat II event a week ago, and there was supposed to be an IACC event this weekend at Marina Sports Racer Sailing Club.

It appears that there have been no annoucements or Notices Of Race, and there has been no sign of the usual activity surrounding such events.

We have to wonder – are the clubs losing interest in the World Cup?